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Trimble Connect Business [Annual]

Trimble Connect Business [Annual]

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Trimble Connect 

Trimble Connect is a cloud-based platform that connects the right people to the right constructible data, at the right time.

Trimble Connect enables you to collaborate anywhere
Real-time, construction-ready project information: view, review, action and reference 3D models, drawings and all the data you need for a successful construction project.

“Collaborating around models and visualising construction data instead of just sharing documents starts with smarter data management and a commitment to developing constructible data – or data that’s actually good enough to build from.” René de Groot, director at DigiBase

With Trimble Connect;

Bridge Data Silos: Store, link and view data throughout each phase of the building’s lifecycle to keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Access Anywhere: Up-to-date models and plans are accessible across desktop, browser, mobile (iOS and Android apps), and even on Mixed Reality (MR) devices.

True Collaboration: Compile feedback, assign to-dos, and share critical information at every stage. Access over 60 file formats including AutoCAD and Revit.

Unlimited Storage: Trimble Connect for Business Premium offers secure and unlimited cloud storage with full version control. Even if you lose your device, you won’t lose your work.

Robust data security: Infrastructure is built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, a secure environment offering the highest standards of physical and cyber protection.

Advanced permissions: Get granular with permissions by assigning specific access rights for collaborators, and track project history and progress with admin-only tools.

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