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SketchUp Studio Graduate [Annual]

SketchUp Studio Graduate [Annual]

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SketchUp Studio 2023 [Annual] is the simplest way to steer your projects ahead with confidence. SketchUp Studio is Windows-only. Now includes V-Ray for SketchUp and Scan Essentials.

SketchUp Studio 2023 includes SketchUp Pro 2023 for Desktop, V-Ray for SketchUp, V-Ray Vision real-time rendering, Scan Essentials, Trimble Connect, presentation-ready graphics, virtual and augmented reality apps, model on the go with SketchUp for Web.

What is Scan Essentials?

Scan Essentials is an extension that adds a ton of value early on in your workflow because it lets you import, view, and model directly on point cloud data in SketchUp—accurately capturing the “as-built” condition of your project. It equips first-timers and pros to quickly turn rich point cloud data into accurate 3D models with ease through a variety of file formats (E57, RWP, LAZ, TZF, LAS, PLY). You no longer have to waste time painstakingly modelling contextual details—simply import your point cloud, and model directly on it using SketchUp’s native toolbox.

V-Ray 6 part of SketchUp Studio

V-Ray 6 now offers both real-time and photoreal rendering options and creates a complete visualisation package for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals! The power of rendering lies in its ability to tell a convincing visual story. It removes ambiguity around your design, material, and aesthetic intent, and bridges the communication gap between project stakeholders. There’s no confusion around how your concept sits in context, what materials it's made of and how it will look bathed in sunlight, or obscured by fog. With V-Ray, you can select appropriate rendering styles for each stage of your project; conceptual, interactive, and real-time renders to get internal buy-in, fast renders for comparing design options, or photorealistic renders when it’s time to ramp up the excitement for the final build. V-Ray can flex to help you get the job done.

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