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FlexPack Pro Student [Annual]

FlexPack Pro Student [Annual]

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FlexPack Pro Student [Annual].
Student Architects and 3D artists use the FlexTools platform to generate SketchUp doors, windows and other architectural elements, with exceptional levels of speed and control.

FlexPack Pro is Responsive: Scale components to fit precisely. All parameters and proportions are maintained.

FlexPack Pro is Fully Parametric: Components are fully parametric, so making changes is fast and easy. FlexTools fits perfectly into interactive design processes.

FlexPack Pro Gives You Total Customisation: Every element of the components can be adjusted. Explore new design alternatives in seconds.

FlexPack Pro Component Finder: Manage your local components library. Easily find and save the components you need

FlexPack Pro WallCutter: Cut through multiple layered walls instantly with dynamic openings that re-adjust automatically – Any Sketchup component can be converted into a WallCutter!

FlexPack Pro Section Fills: Full compatibility with Sketchup 2018’s section fills.

FlexPack Pro Planview: One click optimisation for 2D plans.
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