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Enscape Universities Floating [Annual]

Enscape Universities Floating [Annual]

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Enscape Universities Floating Annual License.

Enscape™ is a real-time rendering and virtual reality plugin for Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, Archicad, and Vectorworks. It’s the only real-time rendering solution that plugs directly into the modelling software, giving users an integrated design and visualisation workflow across all project phases.

Enscape allows users to work intuitively with accessible rendering that requires no prior specialised knowledge to use. They can design, document, and visualise simultaneously from one model. It is the easiest and fastest way to turn models into immersive 3D experiences.

Used by renowned architecture firms in over 150 countries, such as Foster + Partners and Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF), Enscape brings designs to life and enables users to give clients an unparalleled design experience.

What it’s used for:

  • Real-time visualisation
  • Architectural visualisation
  • Virtual reality
  • Design iteration and review
  • Internal collaboration
  • Quick rendering creation
  • Final presentation for clients

Enscape users

The majority of Enscape users are architects and designers. Enscape is also used by students and within educational institutions.

Key benefits for users
Real-time workflow
Instant high-quality rendered 3D walkthrough at every stage of the design process. Perfect for daily design reviews, live demos, and final client presentations.

100% integration
Bi-directional exchange between major CAD or BIM programs and Enscape, so any changes made on any side are instantly visible, maintaining one single source of truth.

Enscape is extremely easy to learn and use, so even new users can start visualising right away. The intuitive UI guarantees an enhanced design experience at every step of the journey.

Effective iterations
Faster feedback cycles by discussing and implementing changes in real time and directing clients to the
focal points of designs through visualisations and tours.

Adjustable 3D asset collection
Bring ideas to life with diverse asset and material libraries that allow users to convey the right aesthetic to an
architectural project by placing and adjusting assets and materials with ease.

Variety of output modalities
Enscape has full VR support, multiple panoramas export, web standalone and desktop standalone app, panorama tour, and video paths to help clients understand the full scale of their projects through an immersive environment.

Enscape Features list

Real-time walkthrough — Fully rendered 3D walkthrough that can be navigated and explored from every angle.

Synchronize views — Use Enscape as a detailed rendered viewport for the modelling application.

Virtual reality (VR) — Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality support with one click.

Site Context — Import real-world context into renderings with OpenStreetMap.

Orthographic views — Illustrate proportions by using parallel projection to create rendered two-dimensional views and axonometric perspectives.

BIM info — Display all relevant BIM data in the Enscape window.

Collaborative annotation — Capture and communicate feedback with team members and external stakeholders.

Architectural rendering styles — Help clients to understand a design by adapting the rendering style to the design stage. Choose between white mode, sketch mode, and heat map.

Update views — Adjust the sun position and camera parameters independently to each view.

Material and Asset Libraries — Choose from 390+ predefined materials and 3,500+ assets.

Material Editor — Fine-tune materials and make use of height maps and adjust textures to heighten the realism. Evaluate options with the “Replace with Enscape Material” function.

Adjustable Assets — Perfect scenes by choosing the right variant or customising colour and materials for selected assets.

Custom Asset Library — Import models into Enscape and organise them by creating specific categories.

Multi-Asset Placement and Editing — Pick, place, select and modify multiple assets all at once.

Video textures — Include animated surfaces in designs.

NVIDIA DLSS Support — Deep Learning Super Sampling technology support to improve performance in walkthroughs.

Video path — Explore multiple options for every keyframe.

Batch Panorama — Render multiple panoramas at once.

Panorama Tour — Navigate with ease through the best parts of a project by connecting multiple 360° Panorama views.

Exe or Web Standalone Export — Share visualisation with anyone as a fully rendered executable (.exe) file or web standalone.

Alpha Channel Export — Save time from post-processing as the reflections and tint of the semi-transparent materials are kept during export.
QR Code — Create QR codes for easy scanning and project exploration.

System requirements
In order to run Enscape, the following specifications are compulsory:
▪ NVIDIA graphics chip (Vulkan 1.1 compatible, GeForce GTX 900 series / Quadro M series or newer) with the
latest driver
▪ AMD graphics chip (Vulkan 1.1 compatible, Radeon RX 400 series/equivalent Radeon Pro series or newer)
with the latest driver
▪ GB Video-RAM (6 GB recommended, min. 8 GB for VR)

More about the minimum system requirements.

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