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Enscape Fixed [Annual]

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Enscape Fixed Annual License. Enscape™ is a Virtual Reality (VR) and Real-Time Rendering plugin for SketchUp, Revit, Rhino (now compatible with Rhino 7)  & ArchiCAD. Beautiful renderings are just one click away.

Enscape 3.4

With Enscape's latest version, some of your favourite features have been fine-tuned to further streamline your workflow and elevate your design experience. Explore Enscape 3.4 and benefit from:

  • Categories for the Custom Asset Library, so you can easily organise and quickly find your custom assets
  • The option to save sun positions in views so you can reproduce images with the same natural light conditions
  • The ability to edit existing views so you no longer need to create a new view after a change in your settings
  • Improved reflections for more realistic visualisations and better general global illumination
  • Over 200 new interior-focused assets and more than 50 new materials to add a more polished look to your scenes
  • Support for Archicad 26 and Chinese

    Enscape: Additional Features

    Site Context

    • The Site Context feature enables you to import geometry and topology from real-world sites to your renders.
    • This gives context to your design scenes easily.

    Alpha Channel Export

    With the Alpha Channel Export, you can render an image with a transparent background.

    • Background refers to everything except the geometry, for example, the sky, clouds, and any Enscape horizon.
    • This reduces the time and effort spent in post-processing with design editing software.
    • Still render.

    Education Assets and Materials

    • This release asset and material theme is Education.
    • While the new assets and materials will be categorised under education, they can be used for non-education projects as well. For example, a cafeteria table asset can be used for a corporate cafeteria project, or a whiteboard material can be used for a home office project.
    • Number of new Education assets:
    • Number of new Education materials:
    • Total number of new assets:
    • Total number of new materials.

    SketchUp 2022

    • SketchUp 2022 is supported

    Always on Top

    This feature ensures the Enscape rendering window (and the menus which open in the renderer) will always be on top of the CAD window and other windows which open in the CAD viewport.

    • This function is not on by default, you have to switch it on.

    Material Overwrite

    • This feature enables you to overwrite material with something from the Enscape Material Library.
    • You no longer have to import/export to replace a material.

    Camera Sync Optimisation

    This feature mainly serves Revit and Archicad as the other CADs Enscape supports already have this sync.

    • This feature makes it easier for Revit users to recreate their view in Enscape.
    • For Archicad, it will add the Orthographic sync.

    Upload Migration

    This feature gives you the option to migrate your uploads (Web Standalones and uploaded Panoramas) to your user account so you can benefit from all the functionalities of the user account.

    Japanese Language

    Enscape will be available in Japanese.

    • This increases our collection of supported languages and helps us to reach a wider market.

    Transparent Materials in Reflections

    Enjoy more believe-looking reflections with improved realism in glass and water surfaces

    • This feature allows you to render objects with transparent materials in reflections.
    • This feature is only available for graphics cards that support ray tracing, such as the NVIDIA RTX series and the AMD RX6xxx series.

    Enscape 3.4 supports

    • Revit (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)
    • SketchUp (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)
    • Rhino (6, 7)
    • Archicad (22, 23, 24, 25)
    • Vectorworks (2020 Service Pack 3, 2021, 2022)