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All In One Bundle | All DesignCraft & Wood Volumes

All In One Bundle | All DesignCraft & Wood Volumes

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All 8 premium products in one bundle.

Wood Volume 01 | European Veneers
The collection contains large-scale veneer textures of 45 European wood species, such as:

Alder, Apple Tree, Ash, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Chestnut, Elm, Hornbeam, Larch, Lime, Maple, Oak, Olivetree, Pear, Plane, Poplar, Pine, Fir, Walnut, Whitewood, Wild Service Tree, Willow and Yew, as well as various sub-species.

Also included are several different veneer treatments, as well as various special veneers, like Bog Oak and veneer made from recovered antique timber.

Wood Volume 02 | Exotic Veneers
The collection contains large-scale veneer textures of 33 wood species from Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, such as:

Afara, Afrormosia, Afzelia, Amazakou, Aningeria, Antiaris, Bamboo, Blue Gum, Bubinga, Lebanon Cedar, Macassar Ebony, Freijo, Gedu Nohor, Guarea, Iroko, Lati, Mahogany, Makore, Mansonia, Merbau, Moabi, Okoume, Olive, Padauk, Pterygota, Rosewood, Sapele, Satinwood, Sen, Teak, African Walnut, Wenge and Zebrano.

Wood Volume 03 | American Veneers
This collection contains large-scale veneer textures of 33 wood species from North, Middle and South America, such as:

Alder, Amburana, Arariba, Bloodwood, Cedar, Ceiba, Cherry, Coigue, Courbaril, Goncalo Alves, Hemlock, Honey Locust, Kingwood, Louro Preto, Macahuba, Mandrone, Mahogany, Manio, Maple, Oak, Pine, Rauli, Robinia, Rosewood, Sucupira, Sweet Gum, Tineo, Walnut and Whitewood.

Gravel Volume 01 | Real 3D Gravel
This product contains a total of 134 gravel textures, based on 15 different styles, intended to be used with Normal mapping or Displacement mapping.

DesignCraft Volume 01 | Upholstery Leather
This collection contains 26 different leather texture sets. We carefully chose a wide range of types and styles of leather commonly used for furniture and interior decoration. Apart from a plethora of standard leathers, there are also various vintage and rustic leathers, leathers with special coatings and treatments, suede and split leathers, as well as a number of exotic leathers.

DesignCraft Volume 02 | Particle & Fibre Board
This collection contains 20 high-res textures for various common fiberboard and particleboard materials. We have chosen materials that have an interesting and characteristic appearance, while also being very versatile in use, such as MDF, Hardboard, Softboard, OSB, chipboard, as well as cork.

DesignCraft Volume 03 | Heavy Fabrics
This collection contains textures for 50 different types and styles of heavy fabric. Although we chose fabrics with upholstery and heavy drapery in mind, many of them will be suitable for other applications, such as carpets and even clothing.

DesignCraft Volume 04 | Design Veneers
This collection contains 36 different veneers textures of various species, styles and treatments.
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