V-Ray 5, the ultimate 3D visualisation toolset for new or recent Graduates

V-Ray 5 for Graduates has landed! As a student you benefitted from savings on subscriptions that meant photoreal rendering, real-time visualisation, smart 3D content, and more was available to you to visualise your ideas from start to finish throughout your studies. Now you've graduated (or will soon), you need the software for the world of work. We can offer you your favourite real-time architectural visualisation software at an extra special graduate discount!

V-Ray 5 for Graduates eligibility

In order to qualify for this Student-to-professional upgrade option only customers with active or recently expired student licenses can obtain a new annual commercial license at a 30% discount on the new license price. 

To purchase your Graduate version of V-Ray for SketchUp, Revit, Rhino or 3dsMax, you must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

• Students can buy an annual commercial license at 30% off the regular annual price 

• Students must own an active Education Collection, V-Ray, VRscans, or Phoenix FD license or must have owned one within the last six months 

• This discount is available only for annual V-Ray Collection and Annual single commercial products • One license per product is allowed per customer 

• This offer is only available to individuals, not companies or institutions 

• The discount is only available for the initial purchase, per product, and cannot be used for subsequent renewals 

• Commercial Render nodes are excluded Student licenses remain active until their expiration dates and the commercial licenses are activated when the order is placed.

If you have any questions about your eligibility use web store's Chat facility or drop us a line via email.

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