SketchUp: Building Brighter Futures in Higher Education

SketchUp: Building Brighter Futures in Higher Education

SketchUp: Building Brighter Futures in Higher Education

In this series of articles we look at the role SketchUp plays in education beginning with SketchUp for Universities. From architectural visualisation and 3D modelling for building plans to immersive set design and furniture prototyping, SketchUp empowers learning institutions across diverse fields like architecture, art & design, and engineering. By investing in SketchUp, universities can enhance their curriculum, ignite student engagement, and prepare graduates with the hands-on skills they need to thrive in creative industries.

SketchUp for Universities

In the dynamic world of higher education, equipping students with the right tools is crucial for success. In fields like architecture, engineering, design, and even education itself, 3D modelling software plays a vital role in fostering creativity, critical thinking, and practical skills. That's where SketchUp Studio for Universities shines as a powerful and accessible solution for institutions of learning. SketchUp has everything you need to get the project done.

Intuitive Interface, Limitless Possibilities:

SketchUp's user-friendly interface is its biggest draw. Its"push-and-pull" approach makes it easy for beginners to grasp the fundamentals of 3D design. This gentle learning curve allows students to focus on their ideas, not struggling with the software itself.

From simple floor plans to intricate architectural marvels, SketchUp empowers students to bring their imaginations to life. Whether they're designing a sustainable campus building, crafting a stage set for the drama club, or visualising a historical monument for a history project, SketchUp provides the platform to explore, experiment, and refine their ideas in a visual and engaging way.

Is SketchUp industry specific?

SketchUp was named the top architecture software program in the world, based on G2’s Grid® Report for Architecture, 2023. Yet its application extends far beyond just architecture. You’ll find SketchUp embedded right across the creative industries serving commercial and voluntary sector organisations around the world. From residential housing developments to planning disaster relief centres, construction, designing and modelling of video game environments and visualising museum displays and collections, SketchUp provides your organisation and students with intuitive, powerful and industry-leading tools and features to equip them for learning and earning!

Beyond the Basics: Powerful Tools for Deeper Learning

SketchUp's capabilities extend far beyond basic modelling. The software offers a rich arsenal of extensions and plugins that cater to your students course requirements and learning objectives, allowing them to delve deeper into their chosen fields and excel.

Provide courses in video games design, film, theatre and stage design? SketchUp integrates seamlessly with a host of industry standard high-end rendering plug-ins, including Chaos’ hugely popular and powerful rendering solutions V-Ray and Enscape

For architecture students, extensions like Sefaira (included in SketchUp Studio for Universities subscription) enable students to design efficient buildings with energy, daylight, thermal comfort and HVAC data, while landscape architecture students can utilise tools like Eneroth Terrain Volume (Free) to run landform analysis and earthwork tasks. Terrain Volume will help students calculate the volume difference between two terrain surfaces and is perfect for large-scale terrain modelling.

All can benefit from Laubwerk Plant Kits. These are collections of realistic 3D plants, shrubs and trees. With Laubwerk, you’ll enjoy a drag-and-drop feature, and the option to modify the shape, age, and growth of your plants. This SketchUp landscape plugin is ideal for combining natural elements within architectural or landscape design coursework and projects.

And then there's the 3D Warehouse (available in the Universities subscription), the largest free 3D model library in the world. 3D Warehouse features a fresh, unified desktop, mobile, and web interface with light and dark modes, AI-driven search feature to speed up your sourcing workflow. 3D Warehouse Image Search enables users to take any image, drop it into the 3D Warehouse search bar, and let the AI search engine do the rest. Your students will be adding real-world textures and ready-to-use objects to their SketchUp models with ease. 

Collaboration and Communication Made Easy:

SketchUp facilitates seamless collaboration with its cloud-based platform, Trimble Connect. This allows students and instructors to work on projects together in real-time, regardless of location. Imagine a team of architecture students remotely designing a community centre, or a group of product design students collaborating on a new gadget – SketchUp makes it possible.

This collaborative environment fosters communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, preparing students for the collaborative nature of professional work. Additionally, SketchUp's robust presentation tools allow students to showcase their designs in compelling ways, be it through 3D models, presentations, or even virtual reality experiences.

Investing in their future:

SketchUp's affordability makes it an attractive option for educational institutions. SketchUp Studio for Universities offers a flexible cost-effective solution allowing institutions to equip a large number of students with powerful design tools, maximising the return on their investment. Institutions will benefit from an enhanced user management experience that delivers  bulk upload and bulk user management functionality for IT Managers, License Managers, and Administrators.

Swap and shuffle entitlements with ease or bulk-delete students that no longer require SketchUp, freeing up space for students who do need access. What used to take hours of manual input, can now be done in minutes. Updating and maintaining a SketchUp subscription for your school or classroom is no longer a tedious task.

Ready to invest in your students' futures?

Investing in SketchUp is an investment in the future of education. It empowers students to become critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and skilled professionals in various fields. 

If you're looking for 3D modelling software that can unlock the creative potential of your students and prepare them for success in the ever-evolving world of design, look no further than SketchUp. It's the perfect blend of intuitive learning, powerful tools, and collaborative features, making it the ideal solution for building brighter futures in higher education.

Here are some other benefits of deploying SketchUp in higher education:

  • SketchUp is part of the professional’s toolkit. SketchUp's versatility makes it perfect for a range of educational and commercial projects.
  • The power of interoperability: With SketchUp you can create presentations, collaborate with classmates and lecturers, and build real-world skills.
  • Large and active community: SketchUp has a large and active community of users, which means there are plenty of resources available to help students learn and troubleshoot problems.
  • Wide range of learning materials found in the SketchUp Campus: These comprehensive online courses can help your students learn SketchUp. The SketchUp YouTube channel contains an abundance of Skills Builders and run-throughs and is updated almost daily with a new tip or quick win!
  • Regular updates: SketchUp is constantly being updated with new features and improvements.

We hope this article has given you a good overview of why SketchUp is a great solution for higher education. If you have any questions, drop us a line at

Up next we'll take a look at why students should seriously consider SketchUp for higher education.



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