Enscape 3.5 - What’s new

Enscape 3.5 - What’s new

Enscape 3.5 has arrived and will make your design and visualisation workflow even smoother, more efficient and faster.

The standout feature of this release is the Adjustable Assets series, which includes assets with variants and allows for colour or material customisation (+1,000 adjustable assets in total).

Assets play a crucial role in bringing projects to life, and we’ve received requests for more assets and the ability to customise them from our users. The Adjustable Assets series is the first step in meeting this demand, providing greater flexibility to our users. We plan to gradually add adjustable assets to the Enscape Asset Library in future releases, and our goal is to have all assets as part of the series.

As with previous releases, feature and technical updates and improvements have been added to further enhance the user’s real-time visualisation experience. They include:

  • Improved shading quality for reflections
  • Improved quality of indirect lighting in interior scenes
  • Unique people assets
  • Alpha Channel export for semi-transparent compositing
  • Same views in Enscape and Revit for Orthographic views
  • Certified SpaceMouse support
  • Layer assignment of assets in Rhino
  • New user area in toolbar
  • Revit 2024 support

What's new in Enscape 3.5

Key features in Enscape 3.5

Adjustable assets

With the new Adjustable Asset series, users can make changes to the material, colour, or variation of certain Enscape assets. Furniture materials can be altered, clothing colours of certain people assets can be changed, and exact colours can be chosen for each of the 91 vehicles in Enscape. Alternative assets can also be seen for trees and plants, specifically autumnal trees and unpotted plants. All assets with this new functionality can be found by filtering using the tag “Adjustable”.

Improved lighting and reflections

Enscape 3.5 includes improvements to its global illumination algorithm, which delivers enhanced lighting, reflections, and rendering quality to users with GPUs that support hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

Users will see an improvement in the quality of indirect lighting, especially in interior scenes, resulting in more realistic and high-quality visualisations. Additionally, users will experience more consistent lighting and precise shading in mirror reflections.

This feature is available for users with NVIDIA RTX or AMD RX 6000/7000 series graphics cards.

New 3D people assets

53 people were added to the Enscape Asset Library in January 2023. These are real people who have been scanned with our in-house 3D scanner. The library continues to grow with a new batch of 40 people that allow clothing customisation with Enscape 3.5 and will get more diverse over time. Plans are also in place to start scanning more animals and helpful objects using this same technology.

The scanned people assets are exclusive to Enscape and will be available in Chaos Cosmos shorty. They can be found by filtering for the tag “Exclusive”.

Alpha channel export improvement

Users can now export renderings with a transparent background, facilitating editing and post-processing in other tools. Users can also export semi-transparent materials, such as windows and glass surfaces, reducing the amount of time required for refining these materials during post-processing.04

Orthographic views update for Revit

Enscape 3.5 allows for the synchronisation of orthographic views between Revit and Enscape. Any orthographic view created or edited in Enscape will be reflected in Revit, and the crop region in Revit will match the Enscape viewport. This synchronisation is bi-directional, meaning that users can adjust the crop region in Revit to modify the view in Enscape as well.

Certified SpaceMouse support

With Enscape 3.5, it is possible to customise mouse controls through shortcut buttons on the SpaceMouse itself. This will make it easier for users to use a SpaceMouse and navigate a 3D model in conjunction with Enscape.

Layer assignment of assets in Rhino

In previous versions, when an Enscape asset was placed into a project, Rhino would assign it to the Default Layer. Now when placing assets in Rhino or Enscape, they will be placed in the currently selected layer.

New user area in toolbar

Users can now access their account directly from the Enscape toolbar. This will make it easier for them to manage and check their license status, manage web standalones, and panoramas.

Revit 2024 support

Enscape 3.5 supports the latest version of Revit - 2024.

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