Shaderlight 2019 released and supports SketchUp 2019

Popular rendering plugin for Trimble SketchUp, Shaderlight, has had a major update. The new release fully supports the latest version of Trimble's 3D modeller, SketchUp 2019.

In addition to SketchUp 2019 compatibility, Shaderlight 2019 includes a number of updates to the software including the ability to render transparent materials in chalk renders.

Shaderlight’s chalk rendering feature is used to render an image with reduced detail, simply shading according to the depth of recesses.  In this latest update, transparent objects rendered in chalk renders will now remain transparent, further helping to show the basic structure of a model.

Workflow enhancements to Shaderlight 2019 include the ability to independently save render settings for each SketchUp scene and the support of macOS Mojave's dark mode in the Shaderlight render window.

Kate Jackson, Commercial Director at Shaderlight, said, “Shaderlight 2019 is once again ready for customers updating to the latest SketchUp release.  We are pleased to be able to include some useful updates to Shaderlight in this release which add to those we released throughout 2018.

What’s new in Shaderlight 2019?

* SketchUp 2019 support

* Transparent objects can now remain transparent in chalk renders

* Shaderlight's render settings can now be saved independently for each SketchUp scene

* Prevent computer from entering sleep mode while rendering

* Shaderlight will suspend App Nap for the plug-in while rendering on macOS

* Added a 4K UHD output resolution preset

* macOS Mojave's dark mode is supported in the Shaderlight render app

* Shaderlight warns when using the 'Quit Shaderlight' menu option on macOS while rendering

You can purchase Perpetual or Annual licenses from our Shaderlight 2019 Collection

Let's take a closer look at what's New in Shaderlight 2019:

Transparent objects can now remain transparent in chalk renders

In previous releases, the ‘chalk’ render mode would make all objects appear white and opaque. In this release, there is a new ‘Transparent glass’ option when chalk mode is active, which makes most transparent objects render in their non-chalk mode. This can make form and massing studies more intuitive when large areas of transparency are used.

Shaderlight’s render settings can now be saved independently for each SketchUp scene

The Shaderlight Render Settings dialog now has an option to save the current settings with the active SketchUp scene, making it possible to save different settings for all or some of the scenes in a model.

Prevent computer from entering idle sleep mode while rendering

If a long-running render has been started, it will no longer be interrupted by the computer entering idle sleep mode. Idle sleep is re-enabled after the render completes and the computer can always be forced to sleep manually.

(macOS) Suspend App Nap for Shaderlight while rendering

On macOS, the operating system can put a process into ‘App Nap’ if none of its windows are currently visible. This drastically reduces the amount of CPU time it receives and, in Shaderlight’s case, effectively pauses rendering if you switch to another program and cover up the Shaderlight render window. Shaderlight will now ask the operating system not to put it into App Nap while a render is in progress, to ensure that the render completes in a reasonable time.

Added a 4K UHD output resolution preset

This increasingly common resolution is now easier to select.

(macOS) Mojave’s dark mode is supported in the Shaderlight render app

The Shaderlight Message window has been tweaked so that it remains legible when macOS’s dark mode is in effect.

(macOS) Shaderlight warns when using the ‘Quit Shaderlight’ menu option while rendering

The previous release of Shaderlight introduced a warning if you attempt to close the Shaderlight render window while a render is underway, to help prevent unintended loss of progress. This release extends that warning to the use of the ‘Quit Shaderlight’ menu option.

(Windows) Fix flickering cursor when Material Editor window is open

Shaderlight 6.2 inadvertently introduced a bug that could cause a flickering cursor on some Windows machines while the Material Editor window is open. This should no longer happen.

Fix disabled resolution settings after licence activation

Previously, the resolution ‘width’ and ‘height’ fields would remain disabled after activating a Pro licence until SketchUp had been restarted. These fields are now enabled immediately upon successful activation.